Teladoc Health provides connected care whether you need to talk to a doctor, mental health support, or care for chronic conditions.

Teammates enrolled an Aetna medical plan have access to board-certified doctors, licensed nurses, and specialists through Teladoc.

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Teladoc Health services

  • General medical: Talk to a board-certified doctor or pediatrician 24/7 for non-emergency conditions.
  • Back and joint care: Build strength, increase flexibility, and improve posture without having to go to a physical therapist’s office.
  • Caregiver: Add an individual you care for, even if not covered by your health plan, and schedule a visit with a Teladoc Health physician for everyday care.
  • Dermatology: Upload images and details of your skin issue in the Teladoc Health app. A dermatologist will provide a treatment plan within 24 hours.
  • Expert medical opinion: Get advice on a diagnosis, treatment, or surgery from leading experts in more than 450 specialties.
  • Mental health: Talk to a therapist or psychiatrist of your choice seven days a week from anywhere.
  • Adolescent mental health: This service is available for eligible dependents ages 13-17. One parent or guardian must be present at the beginning and end of the first visit only.
  • Nutrition: Talk to a registered dietitian to help meal planning that’s best for you.
  • STD testing: Order a lab to get a confidential sexually transmitted disease (STD) check without going to a doctor’s office. You can speak with a Teladoc Health doctor by phone or video to review lab results.
  • Tobacco cessation: To enroll in the free program, request a general medical visit and tell your doctor you’re interested. 

Teladoc: Mental Health Complete

From self-guided digital programs to care from a licensed therapist, get the right level of support for your journey to better emotional health.

  • Personalized plan: Build a clear path for getting support, customized to your preferences.
  • Teletherapy your way: Connect with a licensed therapist of your choice by appointment seven days a week from the comfort of your home.
  • Recommended activities and content: Explore skill-building tools and resources based on your ongoing needs and preferences.
  • Privacy assurance: Your health information is protected through federal and state laws, including HIPAA.
  • 24/7 access: Teladoc Health Mental Health help is available online or via mobile app whenever and wherever you need it.


Teladoc Health Mental Health can help you with:

  • Reducing stress 
  • Improving sleep
  • Managing depression
  • Managing anxiety
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Balancing intense emotions
  • Pregnancy and early parenting
  • Managing chronic pain
  • And more!


Sign up today! Use registration code: TRUIST

To enroll, visit this link and click Get Started to sign into Teladoc Health or create an account. Once signed in, click Mental Health, then follow the prompts.

Teladoc copays

Service PPO & ACO Plans  High Deductible Plan Disclosure2
General medical $25 $55
Dermatology $35 $85
Psychiatrist - evaluation $40 $235
Psychiatrist - ongoing $35 $105
Therapy $35 $95
Nutrition $0 $0
Tobacco cessation $0 $0
Neck and back care $0 $0
Expert medical services $0 $0

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