Truist's premier well-being program

By offering LifeForce, Truist is investing in its most valuable resource—teammates! You, and the many other outstanding teammates like you, are the key to achieving the Truist vision—to stand for better.

Lifeforce is designed to reward you for your efforts in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Truist wants to ensure you’re able to be your best self and offers LifeForce at no charge to you, so you can take control of your health and improve your quality of life. We also protect your medical information in the process.

Program details

The program provides health and fitness education, including disease prevention and behaviors that may be negatively affecting your physical well-being. You'll be evaluated and coached by a nurse from Peak Health who will help you establish realistic and attainable health goals. As you work toward those goals, you can advance to new phases of the program and earn higher credits.

Discover your LifeForce benefits

Teammate testimonials

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Kim Moore-Wright: Let’s hear what some of our other teammates have to say about their LifeForce experience.

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: There were some things in my family medical history that had me concerned. Things like hypertension and high cholesterol. One day I was sitting with my primary care physician and we were going through my family medical history, and I had high cholesterol at that time, and we were considering medication.

Mary Hilliard Moran: My personal moment of clarity, or getting a kick in the pants, was I was watching a football game with my husband and I was looking at the stats of the football players, and I thought “Oh my God, my weight is the same as a football player. That’s not OK!"

Kat Klaene: I had tried all the fad diets, and I knew I needed help to reach my goals.

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: I wanted to lose some weight, I wanted to reduce my cholesterol. I saw this as a good way of doing it because some of the past things I was doing on my own just didn’t work. So I signed up. It was an easy process to sign up, and I had to complete a health assessment.

Mary Hilliard Moran: The first meeting was informative, because now you have a set of data and you know what you are working towards.

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: They offered to connect me with a nutritionist and that was just unbelievable, because now I would have the nurse talking with me about my blood work, but then I would also go sit with someone that could craft a tailor-made nutritional plan just for me.

Kat Klaene: I have tried where you start off on very restrictive diets and lots of exercise, do really well for a while, and then crash and burn. So Maureen, my nurse, was very careful to avoid those types of diets and restrictions.

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: After meeting with the nutritionist for a six-month period of time, those initial changes have now become habits, and so I have a habit of eating better today.

Kat Klaene: What we’ve talked about in LifeForce is that small steps make a big difference. I get up and walk every hour and I have recruited a whole group of my coworkers to come and get steps with me.

Mary Hilliard Moran: I know for sure that having that exercise, and that time to clear my mind, makes me a better employee, makes me a better family member, wife, mom.

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: After about six months of reducing sugars, eating better, eating more veggies, I could feel my energy levels going up. I was brighter at work. The creativity came back.

Kat Klaene: Even before I really started to see a lot of weight loss, I started noticing how I was feeling better.

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: I am here today to say that I have dropped 42 points in my cholesterol, and my weight has dropped 25 pounds, and I am eating totally different.

Mary Hilliard Moran: I went from a solid size 16 in ladies clothes, to now a very comfortable six.

Kat Klaene: I have lost around 125 pounds. My goal is to lose another 50 to 75 pounds, so I am getting there. I am over halfway there and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Carl Neely, CRCM, CFE: I took some pictures on the beach, and the next year after this program I was at the same beach, and I did the same pose. I tell you it was one of the greatest feelings to be able to look at the pictures and see significant results. And not only do I get the benefits of this program but it is incentivized. They are really paying me to be more healthy, that’s just a win-win!

Kat Klaene: Go for it. You have nothing to lose and every benefit to gain.

Kim Moore-Wright: So what are you waiting for? Find out how to get started today!