Teammates can contribute pre-tax dollars every pay period to a Transportation Sending account to cover parking and/or transit costs.

If you want to suspend or change your TSA contribution, you can do so anytime through Workday. Changes are effective the first of the month following the effective date of the change in Workday. 

Parking benefits

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To pay for parking for work, you can set up recurring payments with most parking facilities.

If you have taken advantage of a Transportation Spending Account, you can pay with your Benefit Access Visa Card or use another form of payment and get reimbursed.

See this FAQ and instructions for details.

Transit benefits

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If you're enrolled in and contributing to a Transportation Spending Account, you can take advantage of Smart Commute, which allows you to order your transit pass online and have it sent to you.

The program is available to teammates in the Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC metro areas.

Benefit Access Visa Card claims notice

Please note that the Benefit Access Visa Card will be used for all tax-advantaged accounts: Health Care and Dependent Care Accounts (FSA), Limited Flexible Spending Accounts (LFSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Transportation Spending Accounts (TSA). Failure to substantiate claims for any FSA account in the allotted time frame would result in your card being suspended for all accounts⁠—including transportation.