At Truist, we believe in the mind-money connection—how a positive relationship with your finances can inspire happiness. So we offer financial resources to help you feel good about your money. 




Truist Momentum

Our bold and engaging financial well-being program designed to inspire, educate, and equip teammates to achieve financial confidence.  

You'll need to open, fund, and link a Truist savings account in Workday to be eligible for the financial well-being dollars payout.

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Truist Momentum

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When we ask people what are the things that are most important to them? It's not uncommon to hear things like family, health, security,. But what's most important to you? What do you find most meaningful? Time, career, education?

But the bigger question is, are these things in your money in harmony? When our values are not in alignment with our spending, it can cause some serious issues. People are struggling financially. Half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 40% of folks would have difficulty coming up with $2,000 to cover an emergency. And almost a third of us have no savings at all.

How do you feel about your money? And what does all this have to do with the things you value most? Everything actually. One of the keys to finding happiness with our money is, we need to stop spending it on the things that we don't really value. By prioritizing what matters most to you, you're essentially mapping out where your money should go. You're creating the starting point for achieving financial confidence and we've created a program to help guide you there. Welcome to Truist Momentum.

As part of a national movement, companies and organizations are partnering with Truist to provide you with a program that inspires, educates and equips, helping all of us make better financial choices and get closer to what we really value. You'll have access to a proven financial education curriculum called "The 8 Pillars of Financial Greatness." Each pillar combines videos with interactive tools and multiple resources to help enable you to put the things you learn into action.

Let me give you a brief overview of each of the eight pillars. Pillar one is called "Establish a financial confidence account." Essentially, this is a savings account specifically for the unexpected, you know, like your car breaking down. We'll help you know exactly how much you need, where you should put it and how to get it going. This is an important pillar for all, but especially for those who value relationships, security and peace of mind.

Pillar two is one of my favorites. If you're like me, having structure and clarity in life feels good. This is why pillar two is so helpful. You'll learn how to organize and automate your finances. We'll also help you get a handle on your cashflow and calculate your net worth.

Pillar three is a little different. Instead of talking about what will help you reach financial confidence, we'll discuss what will hold you back and how to overcome these obstacles. With this pillar, we'll break through financial bonds and barriers and help you get rid of your consumer debt and improve your credit score.

Pillar four is all about planning for what if. Things like your family, your health and your legacy need to be protected. And that's why we cover topics like insurance and estate planning. Pillar four will help all of us prepare for what if and allow you to breathe easy.

One day, you'll want to slow down and possibly stop working. We want that day to be a happy one. So let's get your investments on track. In pillar five, you'll learn the four steps of investing. When it comes to getting on track for retirement, these time-tested and easy to follow steps can help you go from financial stress to financial confidence.

In pillar six, we talk about making the most of where you live. Should you rent or should you buy? How much can you afford and how much should you put down? And if you already own, when does it make sense to refinance? In pillar six, we'll answer these questions.

For a lot of us, our careers and education are important. In pillar seven, you'll learn how to enhance both of them, which is key to financial growth because after all, your number one income earning asset is you.

To round things out, pillar eight focuses on giving back. Research shows that people actually manage their assets more efficiently when they give back. But more importantly, it just feels good. Ultimately, the eight pillars and the programs, tools and resources are designed to help you save, organize, automate, protect and grow your money. But in addition, it's the investment you and your company are making in your future that makes this program truly invaluable.

If you're ready to join the thousands who have already participated in this program, let's get you started. First, simply go to In the required fields, enter your first and last name then your company email address. After you've confirmed your email address, enter your registration code. This is a unique code provided by your employer. Choose a password that is at least eight characters long with at least one number. Once you've confirmed your password, read and accept the terms of agreement, check the box, click register and you're on your way to financial confidence.

As you start to see, this isn't just another crash course in financial education. Think of it as a roadmap that'll take you from financial stress to confidence so you can pursue a life well spent. Thank you for your time today. I wish you much success on your path to financial confidence.

How Truist Momentum works

This voluntary program succeeds by focusing on what matters most to people—your values—instead of money. Then it shows how having financial confidence can enable participants to spend less time worrying about money and more time focusing on the things you love.

Financial well-being dollars

You can earn1 $500 for completing My Progress Checklist for Phase 1 and Phase 2 on

Your progress will populate automatically as you finish watching the videos and completing the modules. All the items on the checklists must be checked to earn financial well-being dollars, which must be directly deposited into a Truist deposit savings account.

See the FAQ and instructions for how the financial well-being payout works.

Teammate Banking

Truist Teammate Banking also can help you thrive in your financial journey. We safeguard your privacy, provide easy access to financial resources, and offer lots of perks and extras only available to teammates and retirees.

Student debt program

Student debt can put a significant strain on financial well-being, and monthly student loan payments can leave teammates unable to contribute to other benefits, like a 401(k).

To help our teammates succeed financially, we offer the Truist Student Debt Program. Eligible teammates can convert up to seven vacation days2 into a contribution toward their student debt. 

Here's how it works: You continue to make your monthly student loan payment and we will make an extra payment on your behalf using the contribution. Because we're making an extra payment, principal and interest are reduced, which will shorten the amount of time it takes to pay off your loan.

The program is managed by Fidelity NetBenefits®. Teammates can opt in during annual benefits enrollment. 

Don’t forget to complete the two-step enrollment process!

Student debt program FAQ

Employee stock purchase plan

The Truist employee stock purchase program is another tool within our compelling benefits program to help you achieve financial well-being. The ESPP gives teammates the opportunity to buy Truist stock at a discounted price through payroll deductions. 

Here’s how it works: Teammates can purchase Truist stock at a 10% discount (without brokerage commissions) up to $25,000 each year.  Eligible teammates enroll during the open enrollment period. Once the offering period starts, payroll deductions start to accumulate in preparation for the purchase date. At the end of the offering period, shares are purchased at a discounted rate of 10%.


Employee stock purchase plan FAQ

Employee stock purchase plan prospectus

Truist scholarship programs

Truist is committed to building better lives, and education can lead to success. That's why have two scholarship programs for children of teammates to help support their postsecondary education:

  • Jim and Jane Wells Scholarship Program: For students who plan to attend college or a vocational/technical school.
  • Truist scholarship: For students in their junior year (11th grade) who will be graduating from high school

Scholarships detail

(Accessible only within the Truist network)

Other financial benefits

Financial guidance

Learn how to reduce debt, build a budget, understand real estate, and more with GuidanceResources. Or get immediate financial well-being support, including a variety of self-service topics.

You also can get connected to a GuidanceConsultant—financial experts including certified public accountants, certified financial planners, and other professionals who are exclusively dedicated to providing financial information by phone. 

Visit GuidanceResources or download the GuidanceNow app


GuidanceNow app

User ID: TruistCares

Call GuidanceResources 24/7





Savings benefits

Fidelity Investments offers these benefits to all teammates: 

  • College savings 529 account: Save for education expenses including tuition, rent, food, and books.             
  • Goal booster: Save more successfully by using Fidelity’s educational tools and taking advantage of affordable saving investment products such as the cash management account, brokered CDs, and money market mutual funds.
  • Learn more at Fidelity NetBenefits® or call the Fidelity Benefits Service Center at 1-800-835-5095.