LifeForce benefits and eligibility

Benefits of LifeForce

Improve your physical well-being

Your well-being is at the core of building better lives and communities, for yourselves and others.

To improve your physical well-being, LifeForce helps you understand your health risks and manage behaviors that can affect those risks.

With the guidance of LifeForce nurses, teammates have experienced valuable health improvements including decreases in high blood pressure, high total cholesterol, obesity, and inactivity.

Medical credits

LifeForce participants have the opportunity to earn medical credits that can offset the total medical premium cost.

Credits are awarded if the participant is placed in Phases 2 through 5 of the program.

LifeForce benefits calculator

See how much in medical credits you can earn in your 2024 pay.


Teammates who are enrolled in Truist's medical benefits can participate in LifeForce. You have an opportunity to earn credits that offset your medical premium costs.

Rehired teammates

Former teammates who were LifeForce participants who have been rehired must contact Peak Health at 252-237-5090. Teammates rehired within 60 days of their termination will be reinstated in their last phase. Rehires longer than 60 days after termination will be considered new participants.


Teammates on leave of absence

Current LifeForce participants who are on leave of absence will maintain their current phase and medical credit until they return to work and no nurse appointments are scheduled during the leave. Teammates have 60 days from their first day back to work to complete their LifeForce appointment.

Teammates on leave who aren't already participating in LifeForce can't start participating during their leave. 

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