LifeForce program costs

Participation in the LifeForce program is free to all medically enrolled teammates. However, you may be charged by your insurance carrier for your lab work if you use an unauthorized provider.

Lab work

Truist covers the cost of blood work done by LabCorp, an onsite clinic, or a pre-approved alternate facility. If you choose to have your lab work done by the pre-approved alternate facility, Truist will cover the cost based on your medical plan1. The cost of lab work obtained from an unauthorized provider will be your responsibility.  Additionally, if you go to your provider for labs, you'll be responsible for any provider fees as well as any labs that aren't covered by Peak Health.      

You will not be reimbursed for mileage, parking, or transportation fees to have lab work performed or to attend a LifeForce evaluation. The travel and appointment time (occurring during your normal scheduled hours) are paid by the company. Record the time off in Workday as “LifeForce.”

Appointment no show

As a LifeForce participant, you'll share in the responsibility of maintaining timely evaluations. If you fail to complete a LifeForce evaluation within 60 days of your original appointment date, you'll be moved to Phase 1 and pay premiums associated with the Phase 1 medical credit.