When life gets busy, it's important to take a break. At Truist, we encourage a healthy work/life balance through a variety of paid time off options. View the Truist Time Off Guide (PDF)

Time off for all benefits-eligible teammates

The following paid time off is available to all benefits-eligible teammates (regular teammates 1 scheduled in Workday to work 20 or more hours per week):

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Community/dependent educational involvement

Teammates receive 16 hours (pro-rated for part-time benefits-eligible teammates) of paid time off to work on any community-related project of their choosing or to participate in a dependent’s education.

Examples of community-related projects:

  • Volunteering at any 501(C)3 organization
  • Volunteering at a local public school
  • Volunteering with a youth sports organization
  • Volunteering with a religious organization
  • Volunteering with a nursing home or hospital

Volunteering to help with voting locations is not considered Community/dependent educational involvement. It should be coded as vacation, well-being or service recognition time off.

Parents may choose to take this time to play an active role in their children's education. Children must be under age 26. Examples of dependent educational involvement include:

  • Participation in parent-teacher conferences
  • Chaperoning field trips
  • Volunteering in the classroom
  • Participation in parent-teacher associations
  • Supporting various grade school and college programs, public or private
  • Visiting colleges, attending college orientations or moving a child into college
  • Attending any event in which the child is an active participant

Jury duty

Truist allows up to 20 days of time off with pay to all regularly scheduled part-time and full-time teammates called for jury duty. Beginning with the 21st day of jury duty, Truist offsets pay continuation to the teammate with any compensation received by the teammate from jury service.

LifeForce time off

Truist encourages teammates to participate in Truist’s voluntary wellness program, LifeForce. When a teammate attends a LifeForce appointment, the time a teammate spends with the nurse and the time traveling to and from the appointment is considered paid time off. Teammates are encouraged to have their lab work completed before or after their scheduled work shift if possible. 


Truist recognizes the relationship between teammate well-being and productivity. Therefore, eight hours (pro-rated for part-time benefits eligible teammates) of paid time off is available for teammates to focus on their physical, emotional, financial, career, community, and social well-being.

Military service time

Truist supports our military and veteran teammates by providing up to 15 business days of paid time off to attend required National Guard or Reserves training or if involuntarily activated to duty. Record this time in Workday as “Military Service Time.” If more than 15 business days of time off are needed for training, you should record your time away as “Unpaid Military” or vacation. If you'll be away for more than 14 consecutive calendar days, contact Teammate Care.

Time off for regular teammates

The following paid time off is available to all regular teammates—those who aren't temporary or contract employees:

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Natural disaster time off

Time off for natural disaster allowance for assessment and recovery when a community incurs extensive damage or loss to property as a result of a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado, etc.). This time is available only with approval from executive leadership.  

Emergency closings/late opening/early close

Emergency closings of the teammate’s branch or office are compensated as regular pay. 

Voting time off

Truist encourages teammates to exercise their right to vote. Teammates are encouraged to vote before or after their scheduled work shift if possible. If, however, it is not possible, up to three hours paid time off is provided to vote in elections. To aid in scheduling for a teammate’s department, teammates must work with their manager before Election Day to use this time off. Volunteering to help with voting locations is not considered Voting time off. It should be coded as vacation, well-being or service recognition time off.

Lighthouse Project time off

The Lighthouse Project is an annual project providing teammates with an opportunity to make a difference in their communities through company supported and funded service projects. Truist provides eight hours of paid time off to participate in the Lighthouse Project each year.


Advice and interpretation of this program is available by contacting Human Resources online; select Leave of Absence/FMLA.