We know time away from work is necessary to relax and recharge. Truist offers flexible vacation benefits including vacation purchase and carryover for regular teammates. View the Truist Time Off Guide (PDF)


All regular teammates of Truist and its subsidiaries and affiliates scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week are eligible for paid vacation as a part of the overall compensation program and in accordance with the guidelines below. Teammates in job grades 100, 199, H00, and H88 fall under the Unlimited Vacation plan.

Temporary teammates and those regular teammates scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for vacation. Vacation is pro-rated using a regular full-time equivalent rate according to the accrual matrix. 

Unlimited vacation for teammates in job grades 100, 199, H00, H88

Teammates in the unlimited vacation plan don’t accrue vacation time. They're expected to request time off through their manager, who will review for approval.


Vacation accrual period for teammates in all job grades except 100, 199, H00, H88

Teammates accrue vacation during the 12-month period beginning January 1 and ending December 31. Vacation is accrued on the last calendar day of each month at a rate equal to 1/12 of the annual benefit. 

Accrual matrix for full-time teammates in all job grades except 100, 199, H00, H88

A teammate’s vacation accrual is based off their years of service or official title, whichever provides a greater benefit. Years of service is based off a teammate’s continuous service date as recorded in Workday.

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Years of Service or Officer Title Monthly Accrual Amount
(in hours)
Annual Accrual
(in hours)*
Annual Equivalent Number of Days*
(working 8-hour days)
Year of Hire - 4 6.67 80 10
5 or Officer/Analyst/Associate/AVP Title 10 120 15
6 10.67 128 16
7 11.33 136 17
8 12 144 18
9 12.67 152 19
10-24 or VP Title and Above 13.33 160 20
25+ 16.67 200 25

*A teammate must be employed on the last day of all 12 months in a year to receive the full annual accrual amount.

Regular teammates with scheduled weekly hours in Workday of at least 20 hours per week but less than 40 hours per week are eligible for a pro rata benefit of this accrual matrix based on their scheduled weekly hours in Workday.  

Teammates in California are not able to accumulate more than 1.5 times their vacation eligibility for the year. In other words, the accrual of vacation at any time is limited to 1.5 times the teammate’s current year vacation accrual. Once a teammate in California reaches this cap, no additional days of vacation are accrued until vacation is taken.

Vacation planning

Teammates may use vacation prior to accruing it. For planning purposes, it's recommended that teammates submit vacation requests for the calendar year to their managers prior to April 1, or if a winter vacation is planned, as soon as possible after January 1.

In the event of conflicting vacation plans within a department, the manager establishes priority within each job classification, giving consideration to each teammate’s responsibilities and length of service.

Teammates must adhere to their department’s guidelines regarding submission of vacation requests.

Vacation purchase

Vacation can be purchased only during annual benefits enrollment. Teammates can purchase up to 12 days of vacation in 8-hour increments.

New hires and teammates who may join Truist through an acquisition/merger aren't eligible to purchase vacation until annual benefits enrollment. Teammates cannot make changes to their vacation purchase election during the year. Read more to see reasons why vacation purchase automatically ends:

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  • If a teammate’s schedule changes to make the teammate ineligible for vacation (e.g., their weekly scheduled hours in Workday drop to less than 20 per week)
  • If a teammate is approved for long-term disability

Deductions for purchased vacation are made on a pre-tax basis and are based on the teammate’s September 30 pay rate. Deductions for a teammate on an unpaid leave of absence are drafted from their checking account (in the same manner as all benefit plan deductions). 

Under federal law, a teammate must use all company-provided vacation before using purchased vacation. Vacation is used in this order (and is automatic in Workday):

  1. Any special agreement vacation
  2. Regular vacation (including any carried over from the previous year)
  3. Purchased vacation

Purchased vacation may not be carried over from one year to the next and will not be refunded if not used—except in California, where unused purchased vacation will be paid out to a teammate on the last payroll of the calendar year. 

Vacation carryover

Teammates are encouraged to take all of their eligible vacation in each calendar year—absent unusual circumstances. However, up to 40 hours of unused accrued vacation will automatically roll over to the following calendar year. Purchased vacation is never eligible for carryover.

Some states have separate rules that relate to the carryover of vacation.   


Advice and interpretation of this program is available by contacting Human Resources online; select Leave of Absence/FMLA.